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Your iPhone or Samsung phone is broken. Where do you go for quality repair service without breaking the bank? Come see the mobile device specialists at Visalia iPhone Repair today. We provide screen repair, water and spill damage repair, and full diagnostic services to meet your needs.  We repair shattered iPhone and Samsung screens and provde "while you wait" repair service on all Samsung, iPhone, iPad, and most iPod Touch devices.

Customer Reviews


Excellent prices and fast service. I've had 4 phones fixed here so far
Brad Frisius

If anyone needs their iPhones fixed, go here! :) especially people like me who break iPhones like no other.....
Danielle Phillips-Rodriguez

Gone here a couple of times for iPad repair. I am satisfied with their service at a reasonable cost.
Chris Tavarez

Very responsible shop
Lizbeth Ornelas De Torrecilla


I would recommend this place to anyone. The first time I used them I have a verizon iPhone that I purchased the screen online. I took the phone apart only to realize that they sent me the wrong screen (AT&T). I called explained my situation and he said "no problem, bring the phone in we can still fix it" this was on the Saturday afternoon before Christmas around 2:00pm. By 4:00pm my phone was fixed. And it even gets better, Saturday January 25th I called to ask about the warranty because my phone quitworking, they said to bring it in. I sent my son and forgot to give them the receipt, they fixed it and did not even ask for the receipt. NOW THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.
Kathy C.
Morro Bay, CA

Quick, friendly & reasonable service. My son shattered the front screen on his iPhone 4S. We got there about 4:30 PM on a Sunday, you do pay up front, 72.75 (although was quoted $65 when I called in) to replace the front glass & the LCD. Told us to come back right before 5 (closing time). Amazingly they were putting in the last screws at 5 (though they were still busy & didn't seem in a hurry to close). The phone looks and operated like brand new.
Darla S.
Castaic, CA


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